Saturday 3/24/2012

Ohhhh – still struggling to find a way to communicate with all of our wonderful volunteers and Supporters.  Hopefully this Blog will work and will allow me to journal and let everyone know what is going on at HWAH AND let everyone have an opportunity to make comments if they like.  Soooooooooooo – we’ll see if THIS works.

Today is Saturday so it has been a busy volunteer day.  Lots of Guardian Angels here to share love and care with our residents.

Roberto, our incredible Handyman  (Roberto Castillo – 240-480-5156) is here today making the ramp outside the backdoor wider.  He did an awesome job with the ramp and once the pups learned how to use it they LOVED it….so much so that they wanted to just sit on it and hang out making it hard for Happy and his cart to go up or down and we all had to step over them.  Now the ramp will be double wide and much easier for us to navigate.

It is a rainy day and we are being very grateful for the ability to close in the patios for the pups to be able to go outside pottie but still be protected.

Resident and Volunteer update:

Rudy had a bad day yesterday.  We think he might have hurt his back so he is on Tramadol and that seems to have made him a lot more comfortable so he is back to his old silly self. 

Angel didn’t want to eat this morning but Kat sat with her and snuggled this afternoon and got her to eat a nice bowl of chunky food.

Kathy had to have Katherine do her Guardian Angel grooming duties since she just had surgery on her foot.  She got to lay back on the couch and snuggle with a whole pack of pups this afternoon.  Noodle made sure she was close to Kathy and cuddled up for lots of belly rubs.

Kathy and Katherine have been taking Noodle for her Therapy - here she is working out on the underwater treadmill..

Kathy and Katherine have been making sure that Noodle gets to her Rehab Therapy for her hip each week – here is Noodle doing her underwater treadmill therapy.

Susan, Rich, Andrew, Kate, Diego,Martine, Judy and Greg, Kimberly, Jane and Ellen and Barb also came out to the Sanctuary today to help out even though the weather was pretty yuk!!

Leo and Doreen have been working diligently on updating our website – we are looking forward to the finished product.  Harriette has been working on the “Bios” for the pups to be included on the updated Residents page.

Be sure to share YOUR thoughts and comments here as well.

Blessings to all………



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2 responses to “Saturday 3/24/2012

  1. hey hey – this is just me testing things out….hope this will help us all to stay in touch…

  2. Pam Tellier

    This is WONDERFUL, I love it. It is really nice to have a way to know what is happening over there when we are not around. Thanks, Sher, for taking the time to do this!

    Glad Rudy is back to his old “nutty” self.

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